Good Design Is Essential

Why Does it Matter?

It’s Your First Impression

There’s the old saying, “You Can’t Judge a Book by its Cover.” While this may be true, it happens all the time. Visual appearance greatly influences us and often determines whether we are drawn to something or repelled from it. Think of it as a job interview…do you want to show up wearing an old ripped up pair of jeans and a t-shirt or do you want to wear your sharpest suit? When you want to make a good impression you dress for success and that’s exactly what design is analogous to. Presentation is everything! Professional graphics are a must!

We are a Visual Society

Let’s face it: today’s society is media and technology based. Everyone is always in a hurry and attention spans are low. Strong graphic visuals are more important than ever and we rely on them to get our message across quickly and effectively. It is important to hire a good graphic designer who can produce clean, readable layouts and dynamic illustrations that pop.

Identity is Important

If we want to be successful we need to be remembered. What do people remember most? Something that appeals to the senses. Our visual sense is becoming increasingly dominate in today’s environment so it’s very important to have a clear, cohesive theme that is both professional and recognizable. How will you stand out from the rest? What is your visual signature?

It Will Help You Make the Sale

Today’s consumers are smart. In the age of smartphones and tablets we have a world of information at our fingertips. Comparing competitors has never been faster and easier than it is now. We as consumers want the best we can get and we are naturally drawn to the company that appears most professional.  Does your advertising/sales material look like you hacked it together in Microsoft Word?

It’s a Time Saver

Time is money. If you’ve attempted to create your own marketing material you know that it can be very time consuming. You know how frustrating it is to get things to align correctly and you know the hours that go into fiddling with colors, fonts, and positioning only to realize your end result still looks off balanced and cluttered. If it doesn’t look good, people aren’t going to read it. Hire a professional designer to save yourself time and money and guarantee that your artwork will be balanced, nicely composed, easy to read and print/web-ready!